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  • White Collar Criminal  Defense 
  • Criminal Defense and DUI/DWI 
  • Victims of Sexual Abuse 
  • Civil and Criminal Appeals
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death 
  • Professional Licensing and Discipline
  • Business Law and Commercial Litigation

The Firm

For four decades and counting, Santos & LaLima, P.C., has developed a reputation for serving Connecticut citizens with professionalism, dedication, and a combination of audacity and intelligence. Hubert Santos founded the office in 1974 at 51 Russ Street in Hartford, and it has remained at that location ever since. Despite handling many of Connecticut’s most serious and prominent cases, Santos & LaLima has deliberately remained a relatively small firm in order to provide personalized attention and high quality representation to a limited number of clients. 

Prodigious Experience

Over the years, Santos & LaLima has defended the rights of individuals and businesses charged with criminal and regulatory offenses, including white collar crimes. Santos & LaLima has vigorously represented its clients in every stage of a case, from initial investigation and administrative or disciplinary hearings to trials and appeals. It has represented clients in business and contractual disputes, and recovered millions of dollars for its clients in personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death claims. The firm has extensive experience in both state and federal courts. When facing a complex case or the need for experienced counsel, other attorneys have turned to Santos & LaLima. 

Santos & LaLima has shown that no case is too serious for it to handle. Its attorneys have defended major felony cases that have captivated the local and national news media. But, no case is too small for the firm. They have also fought tirelessly for clients charged in driving under the influence, drug possession or vandalism cases, among many others, knowing how much impact those cases can have on their clients’ lives. 

A Personal Touch

Santos & LaLima understand the great pressures of being part of a criminal case, civil suit, or disciplinary or administrative hearing, whether you are the person under investigation, a witness, or a victim. Its attorneys are sensitive to these issues, and will make sure you understand and are ready for every step of the process. As part of a small firm, Attorney Santos and Attorney LaLima can provide a personal touch many large firms cannot. There are not layers of bureaucracy at Santos & LaLima – your attorneys are just a phone call away. The firm values meeting its clients face to face to explain the complexities of the case. Being part of the legal system can be one of the most painful, stressful experiences of a person’s life. Attorney Santos and Attorney LaLima will stand by you to the end. 

Tradition And Innovation

Santos & LaLima offers a unique and effective combination of old school and new school. Attorney Santos has 50 years of practice experience. He has been a titan of the Connecticut legal world for decades, and seen it all. He also believes in continuing the traditions of legal service that he saw and learned decades ago. Yet, tradition is most powerful when it can adapt with an ever-changing world. Santos & LaLima are knowledgeable and ready for cases involving evolving technologies such as cell phone tracking, personal data stored in apps or the cloud, and social media. This is the world Attorney LaLima has seen and learned in from the beginning of his legal career. Together, Attorney Santos and Attorney LaLima blend the values and strategies that have stood the test of time with cutting edge techniques and understanding to best protect their clients’ interests into the 21st century. 

Retaining Our Firm

If you are in need of experienced, knowledgeable, honest, and dedicated representation, you can contact Santos & LaLima (tel. 860.249.6548) today to schedule an appointment with our attorneys.

Our Team


Hubert J. Santos


Hubert J. Santos founded Santos & LaLima, P.C., in 1974. 

He has been an active trial and appellate lawyer for over thirty years been engaged in the private practice of law in Hartford and has tried a broad variety of civil and criminal cases in state and federal courts, including white-collar criminal defense cases, trade secrets, personal injury matters, death penalty litigation and business disputes. He also has represented individuals and businesses during numerous state and federal grand jury investigations.

Trent A. LaLima

Trent A. LaLima is a partner at Santos & LaLima, P.C. He joined the firm in July 2013.  Trent represents clients on criminal and civil matters, including both federal and state cases. His experience at the Santos & LaLima, P.C. has included criminal cases involving murder, fraud, governmental corruption, white collar crime, home invasion, robbery, drugs, and sexual assault, among numerous other areas. He has extensive experience as trial counsel in criminal and civil cases, including major felony trials and high profile criminal cases. Trent has authored briefs for the Connecticut Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. His experience also involves civil suits concerning personal injury, business disputes, and civil rights. Additionally, Trent is experienced in school/university disciplinary proceedings.